Homemade Vegan Bath Salts

Elements: 4 cups rock salt, Acrylic of preference, Food colouring (if preferred, personally I do not utilize it), Herbal treatments, spices or herbs or flowers (if preferred), Container (jar or bag).


In a stainless-steel bowl pour your rock salt and give a couple of drops of the acrylic.

The number of drops will truly rely on the kind of scent you are using and just how strong you want the scent to become. (For instance with Tea Tree I’ve found you simply require a couple of drops since it is so strong however when I personally use bloodstream orange I am inclined to use around 2 Tbls).

Use latex mitts and blend with the oil using the salts until all included.

Add your colour if you work with any – remember you simply require the tiniest amount (maybe 1-2 drops) as you won’t want to turn the tub coloured.

If you’re adding any spices or herbs, herbal treatments or flowers stir through last (for instance dried lavendar or dried rose flower petals with corresponding fragrances or dried orange peel with bloodstream orange).

Spoon into jar, craft bag or plastic zip lock bag.
There’s no real expiry date on bath salts even though the scent will fade with time.