Sinfully Swedish Vegan Punsch-Rolls

The flavour is a mix of wealthy almond paste, chocolate, and spiced rum and it is similar in flavor to a lot of southern Italian desserts.

Generally referred to as Punsch-roll or Punschrulle, they are also sometimes known as Dammsugare that is Swedish for “Vacuum” just because a certain vacuum once had exactly the same eco-friendly and brown color plan because these desserts.
They are super easy to create and incredibly little cooking is involved! The filling is made of leftover cake, or without having any cake lounging around, use cookie crumbs.

For Twenty-four Punsch-Rolls

• 1 cups cake crumbs
• 1/2 cup dried oats
• 1/2 cup margarine or coconut oil
• 2 teaspoons cacao powder
• 2 teaspoons spiced rum, or arrack
• 1 teaspoon rum extract

Swedish Vegan Punsch (640 x 320)Surface
• 1 cup almond paste
• 1 cup icing sugar plus extra for dusting
• 3-4 drops food coloring
• 1 cup chocolates
• 2 teaspoons spiced rum
• pinch of salt

Add all filling elements to some mixer or dough mixer and blend until uniform consistency.
Form into 12 ” logs concerning the thickness of the thumb and chill within the fridge. This makes them simpler to utilize.

• Mix the marzipan, coloring and icing sugar inside a bowl and kneed together before the marzipan is no more sticky. You may want to increase the icing sugar if it’s still wet.
• Dust a counter top or cutting board with icing sugar and unveil a skinny sheet of marzipan.
• Convey a chilled “log” on the top from the marzipan and roll tightly, ensuring to unveil the seam.
• Inside a double boiler or microwave, melt chocolate, rum and salt until runny.
• Slice the marzipan logs into 2 inch pieces and dip each finish in chocolate.
• Let it awesome and harden on parchment paper.

I love to keep mine within the freezer and serve them when needed. They do not quite freeze due to the alcohol but remain fresh and therefore are a scrumptious by having an espresso.

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