Vegan Pakora Recipe

Vegan Pakora Recipe

Vegan Pakora is the delicious food that you should absolutely try. This recipe is enough for 4 porsion. It is easy to cook. Preparation time tooks 10 minute and cooking time takes 15 minutes. Different vegetables and spices used in compliance. We recomment you try Vegan Pakora. Now, let’s begin with materials that you need.

Materials for Vegan Pakora Recipe:

250 grams of chickpea flour
1/4 liter of water
Half teaspoon cinnamon
A teaspoon of coriander
A teaspoon of turmeric (powder)
A teaspoon of cumin (powder)
Half a teaspoon of baking soda
Half a teaspoon of salt
2 green onions
2 medium potatoes,
2 medium carrots
7-8 oversized okra
7-8 cauliflower florets
2 small zucchini

Preparation for Vegan Pakora Recipe:

Sieve chickpea flour that will used for dough first. Add all the powdered spices, and chopped green onion into thin chickpea flour that you sieved. After addition of carbonate start adding small increments of water. The mixture should be neither too thick nor too watery. Flapping over with a fork until you have obtained consistency can cover the vegetables for frying process. Then cut the vegetables except okra. Slices can not be too small, cut pieces as thick slices.

Now it is time to cook this delicious meal, vegan pakora. Get a frying pan and placing them on stove to heat. Add plenty of oil to the heated pan. Dip the vegetables that you prepared into dough. Make sure vegatables thoroughly coating by the dough. Cook this vegetables in the oil until they get golden color. It should serve warm, so you just begin to prepare meal before dinner.

vegan-is-my-life-icon The most important factor for this meal is dough consistency. Be careful for obtain enough consistency to cover the surface of vegetables. You will learn better wit time. We think you’ll enjoy this beautiful vegan pakora. Enjoy your meal!

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