Christian Vegetarian Association & Vegans Need To Know

The Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA) is definitely an worldwide, non-denominational Christian vegetarian organization that encourages responsible stewardship of God’s creation through plant-based eating. The CVA advocates vegetarianism from the biblically-based, Christian perspective and sees nutritional choice like a valid method to testify to Christ’s secretary of state for love, peace, whim and empathy, and get ready for the Peaceable Kingdom as foretold within the Bible.


The CVA encourages Christian believers to lessen or eliminate animal items in their Christian calling to become good stewards of God’s Creation. Based on the website, the CVA is “an worldwide, non-denominational secretary of state for followers devoted to professionally marketing healthy, Christ-centered and God-praising living among Christian believers.”

The CVA encourages the ethical, environment and health advantages of plant-based diets. They claim that there’s an association between animal-based diets and world hunger, environmental damage, animal mistreatment and human disease.

The CVA’s Mentioned Mission Is:
To aid and encourage Christian vegetarians all over the world.
To see non-vegetarian Christian believers the way a vegetarian diet could be a effective and belief-strengthening witness to Christ’s love, empathy, and peace.

To display to the world that plant-based diets represent good, responsible Christian stewardship for those God’s Creation.
Based on Samantha Jane Calvert, organizations like the CVA actually address animal welfare and vegetarian concerns among Christian believers who discover that “mainstream Christian Places of worship haven’t much to state about vegetarianism. By 2012, the CVA had roughly 6,000 people. The CVA’s growth is really a symbol of growing concern for animal well-being among Christian believers.

Christian Vegetarian Association1History
The Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA) began in 1999 by Nathan Braun and Stephen H. Webb, Professor of faith at Wabash College.

Braun organized a board of respected professors, theologians, and activists representing an extensive selection of skills and perspectives. Obviously resonating with lots of Christian believers who see their vegetarian diets as insights of the belief, the business rapidly increased. In 2000, the CVA created its first edition of the items Would Jesus Eat…Today? that have an annual distribution rate of roughly 250,000 and been converted into several languages.

In 2002, CVA founder Nathan Braun and co-chairman Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D. released the very first edition of excellent News for those Creation: Vegetarianism as Christian Stewardship (2002: Vegetarian Advocates Press) along with a modified, second version 2 yrs later (2004: Vegetarian Advocates Press).
In The Year 2006, the CVA created a brief documentary film by having an associated study guide known as Praising God’s Creation.